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Paladin Armor
Version: 1
by: Koru [More]
Adds Full Paladin Armor + Helm.

Helm replaces the 2nd Undead head, but you can rename it to replace whatever you like. So to use it you'll need to be an Undead. I would suggest you either delete, or replace all the male Undead hairs with empty .cub files, to avoid clipping.

The armor replaces the Bone Armor. This is to avoid the "shine" shader on the iron sets. Again, you can rename it to replace anything.

The shield replaces the final rank in the 3rd random tier. (iron-shield5-random3) The wingless version reaplces the 4th rank. (iron-shield4-random3). Rename if desired. It will be shiny by default, but if you edit the material (Via Cheat Engine or an inventory editor) that will go away.

The sword replaces the Bone Sword. So it matches the rest.

This is meant to be an opposite of my Obsidian Armor set.

The helmet is inspired by a piece of JagarWulf's work. Check out his stuff, its pretty awesome.
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