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[Pokemon] Lapras Boat
Version: 1.0
by: LucidusBear [More]
Update: Hurray! Thanks everybody! This is my first .Cub Model to get whopping 200 downloads and we made it to the "What's Hot" list today! Once again, thank you for the support. Remember to leave suggestions to further improve on this Model.

I have made a Flygon Glider and I hope it gets as much download as this or even more Go check it out

You know what almost all Pokemon fan wants? To be able to use HM Surf on their Lapras in CubeWorld! Well, here you go. No, it's not a flat piece of thing like most people make but it's Lapras in full 3D Glory. (might be the appropriate size as well)

Plenty of time and effort was put into this and it took me 3 hours+ to complete so I hope you enjoy it

If you want more of this, either go > http://cubeworldforum.org/topic/1498...pons-and-more/
or leave your comment saying you want more or leave suggestions.
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