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Improved Undead player model
Version: 0.1.1
by: Ethron981 [More]
Just a small mod to improve the base model of the Undead race. I felt like the undead model looked more like a robot so I made it a bit more decayed and brown coloured and replaced the body with a ribcage. Someone asked me to upload it so here it is!

A warning though: The Skeleton's body replaces the "body2" file which means some of the other races will have this body while you have the mod active, I suggest just backing up all your Cube World files before applying this mod so that you can always go back to the previous state if you wish.

Installation instructions:
1) Download the archive that has the models in it
2) Extract all the files into any folder you wish
3) Open CWME which can be downloaded on this site
4) Open data1 (the models database) in CWME.
5) Insert extracted models into data1 (find the models and replace them with the new ones).
Your finished! You can now play with this new Undead Model!
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Here are only two races, which have their own body models: dwarwes and lizards. So you can use one for creating new undeads, however, counting some specifics of these races in using the models. Also you can recreate original undeads without adding body for them, only heads, hands and hairstyles.
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