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Golden Shin Armor (From MHFU)
Version: 1.0
by: ExTernLKiJiJi [More]
2 Armor Mods in 2 Days? I'm a busy guy. Anyway, I had this one just lying around, for personal use, but decided to post it, in case anyone else wanted to try it on.

This armor is the Golden Shin armor from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. It is the armor set belonging to the monster called "Rajang", and is a fairly high leveled piece of armor in the game. Because of this, I wanted the armor in Cube World to be in the higher tiers (Mythic, Legendary).

Included in the download are files for both iron (warrior) and cotton (rogue) armor. If you wish to replace one of the Tier 4 (Purple/Mythic) armors for warrior, use the files under the folder called "Tier 4 Iron Armor Replacements", and likewise for rogue, the folder named "Tier 4 Cotton Armor Replacement". Alternatively, you can replace the legendary armors (Tier 5/Yellow) for both classes, by using the files under "Tier 5 Cotton Armor Replacement" or "Tier 5 Iron Armor Replacement".

Hope you guys enjoy! (Personally, I think those shoulder pieces look pretty ballin')
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Somehow it seems to me that in the first screenshot depicts an elf from an earlier version of my characters pack.
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